Pregnancy Massage

About Pregnancy Massage…

Pregnancy massage (also know as prenatal massage) is especially tailored for expectant mothers, and can help alleviate stress, exhaustion, depression and anxiety, reduce swelling in the arms,legs, hands and feet, plus also help relieve stress on weight-bearing joints, back aches and pains that are all associated with pregnancy.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage…

Not only does massage therapy help relax the body and soothe away the aches and pains, the feel of the human touch can provide great comfort during your pregnancy, and by also having someone to talk too who understands what changes your body is going through this too can provide great emotional and sympathetic support throughout the pregnancy.

What to expect…

Here at Sensuosity I am passionate about the level of service and care for my clients, on your first treatment you’ll receive a free health consultation which takes into consideration all the factors in your life, the treatments are then tailored around you and your lifestyle. Your treatment time will be between 60-90 minutes and will never feel hurried, I also offer free aftercare advice and regularly check up to see how you’re coping throughout your pregnancy.
Please note: I do offer a free health consultation to all new client’s, so if you are unsure before booking a treatment, why take up this opportunity to meet me first and find out more about your treatment beforehand.
I can also offer sessions to include your partner where I can go through and teach him some basic massage techniques.
Why not take advantage of my incredible special offer, pay for 3 treatments and receive every 4th treatment absolutely free.
Terms and conditions apply: for more information check out Special Offers or alternatively please contact me here.