Decleor Facial and Body Treatments

Decleor Facial and Body Treatments

Decleor Facial and Body Treatments – I’m pleased to now offer a full range of Decleor Facial and Body world-class treatments in the comfort of your own home, or alternatively at my beauty salon in North Watford.


All full Decleor facials consist of the same structure and procedure with different products and treatment masks. They consist of a diagnostic back massage which is a 10 minute back massage, areas may show up pink or warm and may suggest areas of congestion within the body. When turned over the face is cleansed,exfoliated and cleansed again then chosen appropriate serum is applied followed by pressure movements and drainage movements. A complementing rich balm is applied and face and neck massage is performed. An appropriate mask is applied and a hand and arm massage is performed. The mask is and removed and an appropriate eye cream and moisturiser applied. After-care advice and product recommendation is given.

  • Back massage

  • Cleanse

  • Exfoliate

  • Cleanse

  • Serum

  • Pressures

  • Drainage

  • Balm

  • Massage

  • Mask

  • Hand and arm massage

  • Moisturise


An aromaplasty treatment.

Perfect for all skin types this is a bespoke treatment based on the individual needs of the skin.

Leaves your skin deeply cleansed and perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality.

This multi award-winning facial is power packed with vitamins and antioxidants using five deeply relaxing techniques and a decongesting mask to softly cocoon the skin providing it to flourish.

A customised essential oil treatment.


Deeply hydrating and antipollution.

Perfect for dull and dehydrated skin.

Leaves the skin rehydrated supple and cashmere soft.

This facial is super hydrating and will quench the thirst of the thirstiest of skins using a nutrient dense rich mask

A Neroli Bigarade essential oil treatment.


Purifying and anti-blemish facial.

Perfect for oily combination and dull skin.

This matifying facial target spots, blemishes open pores and excess oil using a balancing and deeply oxygenating power mask.

A Ylang Ylang essential oil treatment.



Instantly nourishing anti tightening facial.

Perfect for dry flaky dull skin.

Leave the skin restored, supple, comfortable and satin smooth.

This nourishing facial deeply soothes, restores and renews the skin using a deep nourishing nutrient dense mask.

A Neroli Bigarade essential oil treatment.


A soothing and anti-redness facial

Perfect for sensitive irritated and stressed skin

Leaves the skin clear soothed and more resilient to environmental aggressions

This intensely soothing treatment relieves sensitive and irritated complexions, calming the skin like a calming comfort blanket using a cooling camomile blossom mask

A Rose damascena essential oil treatment


Brightening and anti-dark spot facial.

Perfect for pigmentation and uneven skin tone caused by pregnancy, menopause and sun damage.

Leaves the skin brighter and luminous.

This vitamin C power booster treatment brightens, restores luminosity, lightens pigmentation marks and turbo charges the cell generation.

Sweet orange essential oil treatment.


Energising and anti-oxidant with facial bamboo gestures.

Perfect for first signs of ageing and fine lines and wrinkles.

Leave the skin smooth, replenished and glowing with vitality.

This facial is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants using a vitamin mask to cocoon the skin, encouraging it to flourish.

A green mandarin essential oil treatment.


Lifting and anti-ageing with facial yoga gestures.

Perfect for lack of tone and luminosity.

Leaves the cheekbones and eye bones visibly lifted.

This facial is a unique treatment combining the flow, rythm and repetition of powerful Kobido massage, techniques inspired by vinyasa flow yoga to give visibly lifted appearance.

A lavender fine essential oil treatment


Re-densifying and global anti ageing with facial Pilates gestures.

Perfect for reshaping the contours with a re-cushioning, plumping effect.

Leaves the skin plump and re-densified. Smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

This facial delivers a natural lift to the face helping re shape the contours with a re-cushioning effect.

A white magnolia essential oil treatment.



Mini skin discovering facial.

Perfect for all skin types.

This facial is desired for us to discover your skin needs and to re-educate and advise you how to best care for your skin.

A customised treatment.


Soothing and anti wrinkle treatment with professional eye mask and massage.

Perfect for puffiness dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles.

Leaves your eyes brighter, decongested and smooth.

This specialist eye treatment is fatigue fighting, mosture quenching and wrinkle smoothing using Decleors unique toning eye techniques.



Orange apricot buffing body scrub treatment.

Perfect for dull dry skin and de-stressing.

Leaves your skin polished, nourished and velvety soft.

This body treatment buffs and polishes the skin. It re-energises, restores vitality and beautifully nourishes the skin.


Special delivery face and body treatment.

Perfect for 12 weeks + pregnancy.

Leaves new mums to be feeling re energised replenished and visibly glowing.

This Decléor top to toe treatment includes easing the back with a back massage, a relaxing facial, helps soothe tired legs with a draining massage, improves fluid retention and anti fatigue (space) and gives you some you time to relax and unwind.


Rebalancing and tension releasing massage.

Perfect for tension, aches and pains.

Leaves you feeling warm and relaxed.

This Decléor warm stone massage uses individually shaped heat releasing stones worked on the skin concentrating on stress tense muscles using luxurious aromatic balms that melt into the skin leaving it as soft as silk.


Perfect for all clients wanting relaxation

Leaves you feeling relaxed but energised with a sense of well-being

This personally tailored sculpting massage targets the individual needs

The aromatherapy essential oils help you unwind and gives you a sense of calm and relaxation. With this highly effective massage we will ensure your needs will be met

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