Tantric massage

“Sensual, Erotic and Intimate Massage”

I offer an exotic range of sensual, erotic and intimate massages tailored only for those looking for that little bit extra and don’t wish to have the usual clinical style massage draped in towels and intimate areas ignored.

I am a professional holistic massage ‘male therapist’, whose very open minded and spiritual, who treats every client as a whole, and whatever your needs I’ll tailor the treatment to your requirements with one goal in mind…your Well-being.

Your needs maybe of a sensual nature, but they are still needs that everybody needs satisfying from time to time. Rest assured you’re are not alone, many of my enquiries are for a sensual massage of some sort or another.

Prices start from £75 1hour or £100 1.5hours (performed by male therapist).

A rigorous full body work out from head to toe, incorporating yoga stances, deep tissue massage techniques, joint mobilisation, posture corrections and body stretches, whilst at the same time, teaching you to concentrate on breathing techniques, thus allowing you to unwind and relax through meditation at the end of the session.

Prices from £100 1hour or £12 1.5hours.

Intimate Tao massage (Female Intimacy Massage):

A very soft and light sensual massage similar style to a tantric massage but not as an intense session, however, does includes very light and delicate massage of the intimate areas stimulating sexual energy throughout the session, although climax is not encouraged.

The purpose of the massage is to restore drained energy levels, to unblock and remove negative emotions, and generally improve overall well-being (as are all my massage treatments).

Price: £100 1hour or £125 1.5hours

Tantra Ritual Massage (worshiping the body):

Awaken your body, mind and spirit to the ultimate sensual experience!!!

The tantra ritual massage requires a lengthy session in order to help you relax and fully unwind, 2 hours minimum but I do recommend 3 hours for best results.

I can include other beauty treatments first, such as, bathing you, body scrub, foot treatments, Indian head and facial massage etc. this allows time to talk to each other beforehand. I found this the easiest way to help women to relax and start to feel good about themselves.

Throughout the treatment; concentration will be geared towards your breathing (and mine), where we will synchronise our breathing, thus allowing the sexual energy aroused to flow seamlessly throughout your body.

In order to benefit most from this type of massage, you’ll need to be able to just let go of your mind and surrender your body, letting me take full control of your body and emotions. Tantra massage will open up and realign your chakras unblocking any negative emotions stored deep inside, thus allowing for new positive energy created within you to flow through your body like waves, leaving you in a cosmic orgasmic state.

Price: £175 for a 2hour session or £225 for 3hours.

(performed by a male therapist only).

Couples Massage:

For more detailed information on couples sessions and/or to discuss your requirements please do get in contact and feel free to ask any questions…

I can provide professional massage training in basic and/or advanced techniques (both traditional, and intimate massage), please contact for more details.

As mentioned; other treatments can be included in your sessions, and at no extra cost. Treatments could include, hot oils, bathing, facials, body scrubs, foot spa treatments, reflexology, hot stones, facials etc. these are just a some ideas that can make your treatment even more relaxing and enjoyable, helping you unwind and feeling wonderful.

“My passion is your pleasure. Free your mind, let go and surrender to temptation…”

Treatment Length / Prices

4-hand massage £175 1hour (performed by a male and a female therapist together).

Please note: this is not a intimate massage!

Exotic Tantric ‘Meditative’ Yoga Massage:

About Tantra Massage Therapy

Tantra massage therapy (or Tantric) is an old healing technique which is believed to be formed many centuries ago. It was originally formulated to release the natural energy from within the body to deal with physical and emotional traumas. In fact, tantra is practiced in several ways, tantric yoga, tantric meditation, tantric massage and tantric sex are all different types of tantra practiced today in our society.

Whatever the reason you’ve found yourself here; whether it be the stress of work and everyday life, bad relationship experiences in the past, been neglected, abused, cheated on, lost that inner confidence, loss of sexual desire or maybe the complete opposite and you can’t find sexual satisfaction!…or maybe it’s just curiosity that’s brought you here? Well I offer a totally confidential and professional caring service, where my only aim is to make you feel wonderful and amazing, and to boost your confidence, self esteem and well being…

The Tantra massage is an intimate massage, which requires the therapist to pay close attention to what the other persons body is saying. Many people are under the notion that this type of massage involves sexual intercourse, however, this notion is completely wrong and baseless. Although it’s a very sensual massage creating sexual energy, it does not involve sexual intercourse between the persons involved in the massaging act. The person receiving the tantric massage allows the other persons to have full control over their body and emotions just by touch. Throughout the massage your entire body from head to toe will be massaged very slowly, gently but oh so very passionately.

With this type of massage, both the client and therapists involved should have good level of trust with each other to achieve best results.


What to expect
The Benefits of Tantra Massage…

For many years lots of women have been found to be curious about this type of massage, and those that dared have found their curiosity proved to be a helpful factor in unveiling the fact that this massage is not only sexually energising and satisfying, but also a great stress buster. Some women also find tantra is the best way to achieve their desirable goals. Tantra massage was created with the belief that sexually happy individuals are healthier and happier in life.


We all resort to different ways to relax and to find peace in our lives. There are lots of us out there who find that tantra massage is a great way to relax and and unwind and find total peace in our lives. My tantric massage sessions start with a mutual ritual with a lot of emphasis in your breathing, this will help you relax throughout the session.


Some women can however, showcase discomfort/anxiety during the session as it highly arouses sensual energy within, but, if you can completely let go, totally relax with complete trust, then you will never feel uncomfortable, instead soon realise that tantra massage is one of the best forms of massage that exist in our society today, where you will feel completely relaxed, or in another world even (if you can let go)…But one thing is for sure, you will be very much Wide Awake!

If you are a person who likes trying out new things in life, then tantra massage is a certain something you should consider trying at least once. Tantra massage will arouse deep sensual feelings within you, where you will enjoy an overall pleasurable experience.


Individuals trying out this massage for the first time might find it a little too much to handle or hard to completely relax, that’s normal and why I’ve introduced (and recommend) an introductory level treatment first such as Lomi Lomi massage, this will allow you to build your own confidence, fell comfortable being naked, and also develop trust.

In summary, tantra massage will make you feel as if you are on a joy ride in heaven, where there are no physical boundaries and worries are involved.


Greater results are achieved the more relaxed and the more open your mind is…

I will help you try to achieve this…You will be living life in the moment!


What to expect from your treatment
What to expect from your treatment…

I have created an exciting and exotic range of sensual, erotic and intimate sessions…

Treatments include:

Heavenly Sensual Lomi Lomi Massage:

Lomi Lomi massage is performed on a massage couch when the client is fully uncovered and the entire body is massaged in long gliding rhythmic strokes, gliding over the whole body in one continuous movement, like waves of energy flowing through your body. Hot oils are be used during this treatment.


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